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Price Reject Continuation Trading Chart Pattern

In contrast to a confirmed resistance or support reverse pattern, the price reject pattern is intended to give a continuation trading setup. The pattern would occur after an initial reverse went through a price point that rejected and continued the current swing – for instance break support and then have it shift to resistance and reject, continuing the sell direction.

Confirmed Price Resistance Or Support Reject Chart Pattern

Trading method chart reading video discussing the confirmed price reject pattern that is very useful for short option entry timing, since the pattern includes a price failure of support or resistance, combined with a momentum extreme. Also discussed is a chart misread, where a reject only might be traded directly into an underlying continuation setup.

Renko Day Trading System Indicators And Trade Setups

This is a renko day trading system video that discusses the system indicators and adding them to the trading charts. Additionally discussed is a series of system trades from the 5 brick and 3 brick charts, and the related partial profit rules.

Renko Day Trading System Week One

2 videos discussing the end of the first week of trading the renko day trading system, with a focus on: (1) 1 video that shows the strengths of the trading system and the benefits of addon trading (2) 1 video that shows a period that would have been a trading loss, if not for one bigger swing that included an addon trade.

Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development

Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development – 2 videos discussing testing for 3 system rules: (1) stop size for band extreme reverses (2) holding the band extreme reverse for a stop -vs- a renko swing resumption trade on the next brick (3) the brick size to use for the emini dow futures – I will be trading a renko 5 brick to compare to the 4 brick.

Renko Chart Day Trading System

5 videos discussing the initial rules and adjustments being tested for the renko chart day trading system. The primary strengths of the system are: (1) more winners than losers (2) average win size greater than loss size (3) biggest moves include addons that will increase trade size and profit size.

IBB Biotech ETF Stock And Options Position Trading

This video identifies the underlying used in the previous 3 position trading strategy videos – it is the IBB Biotech ETF. And the focus for the video is determining whether this ETF can be method position traded including short options, along with doing stock replacement trades because of the IBB price.

Renko Chart Trading Method Consistency And Repetition

Renko charts trading patterns and setups consistently and clearly repeat, making them effective for usage in a trading method. And then by using a tick chart for confirmation of price location, momentum strength, and market conditions – the renko chart strategies profitability and winning percentage can be further increased.

Yelp Stock And Option Position Trading Update

In this yelp position trading video, I am going to do an update on the yelp trades done from 3-18 through 3-28. A couple of the key decision points in the video are: (1) why ratio call spreads were done in one case but not others (2) a renko trade that was counter momentum on the position chart and projecting the price of a price momentum divergence.

SPY ETF Position Trading And Short Options Strategies

This video continues the SPY ETF trading discussion and how it ‘fits’ with our stock and options position trading strategies, especially regarding (1) differences between investing and trading (2) time and premium problems with low volatility and selling options (3) protecting short options.