Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development

 The 2 videos below discuss the continued development of the new renko chart day trading system, and especially 3 system rules that I need to make final decisions for:

  1. Trading a swing resumption on the bar following a band extreme reverse
  2. Trading a 5 renko brick or 4 renko brick for the emini dow futures
  3. Trading a band extreme reverse with a 3.5 brick stop instead of a 3 brick stop

Renko Trading System Trade Review Video6

I want to review a couple trades from the previous video and discuss where I am with the system right now.

Renko Trading System Trade Review 4-7-14

  • I would say I am around 90% happy with the system rules and profitability right now
    • I do want to fine tune profits and entries regarding using partial bricks –vs- complete bricks
      • I know there are some fill advantages using the partial bricks – but I also know that isn’t as easy real time, along with the potential that a brick might not complete and a trade shouldn’t have been done
  • There is a resumption trade that I am not sure we should do – one of the things I am doing this video to discuss
  • I want to test a 5 brick chart, which I am doing today – and compare it to the 4 brick
    • This needs more than the couple of hours I traded the renko 5 brick chart – but right now I would have to say I like it
    • That extra brick may also take care of a large percentage of the resumption trades
    • The system indicators are now done for tradestation and ninjatrader

Renko Trading System Trade Review Video7

I feel like I am getting ‘tuned in’ so to speak to trading the renko system – some final tests and decisions that I want to make and just try and trade for a while, without always thinking of adjustments.

Renko Trading System Trade Review 4-8-14

  • Trading the next brick resumption-resumption reverse after a band extreme reverse –vs- holding the trade with a stop
  • Stop sizes for the band extreme reverse – 3 bricks –vs- 3.5 bricks
  • Trading a 4 brick or 5 brick renko chart