Renko Chart Trading Inside Price Consolidation

How do you trade inside of price consolidation; you don’t. This video discusses renko charts during price consolidation and trade setups that should be avoided, because they are inside of consolidation – until there is a setup for a consolidation breakout that is past consolidation.

Emini Dow Renko Chart Day Trading Review 2-5

Renko chart trade setup and trade review for emini dow day trades early 2-5. Of special note is that the trading period is during a sideways range that made the renko chart very difficult to read and manage for trade setups and related trades – the 180 tick chart was very needed during this period.

Renko Chart Trading And Management For Emini Dow Futures

This is a renko chart trading video, for emini dow futures day trades from early morning 2-3 – note the viability of trading the emini dow at this time of day. I am going to discuss screen prints that I made each time I took a trade or made a trade management decision.

Renko Chart Emini Russell Day Trading Setups Review 1-31

Emini russell renko chart day trading setups and trade review for 1-31 12:00 and 15:00 ct. Of special note are the following: (1) the difficult emini dow trading from the previous video, compared to a very good emini russell trading period (2) the importance of having your trading results be reflective of the trades setups and profit potential available.

Emini Dow Day Trading Setups And Trades 1-31

Emini dow renko chart and tick bar chart day trading setups and trade review for 1-31 10:00 and 11:15 ct. Of special note is a price envelope reverse red-green midline reject pattern and what would have happened if a trade was done in the reject bar, without waiting for the reversal bar,

Emini Dow Futures Day Trading

Our trading method strategies for futures day trading are being used for the emini russell as the index of choice, along with the euro currency and crude oil. This video introduces emini dow day trading, and reasons for including it as a 2nd index future.