Renko Trading Chart Day Trade Review Training Video

Renko chart day trading training video showing a sell swing at the end of the ETH period that transitions into consolidation for open trading. We will discuss open trading and the consolidation period, talking about trading inside and past consolidation, along with trade management for initial risk and profit targets.

Renko Chart Trading Consolidation Breakout Trade Setups

This is another renko chart consolidation video discussing ‘inside consolidation’ and ‘past consolidation’ and avoiding trading until there is a consolidation breakout setup. Additionally discussed is a renko brick2 trade setup that cannot be traded and why.

Renko Chart Trading Inside Price Consolidation

How do you trade inside of price consolidation; you don’t. This video discusses renko charts during price consolidation and trade setups that should be avoided, because they are inside of consolidation – until there is a setup for a consolidation breakout that is past consolidation.

Day Trading Renko Chart Base Trade Setups

This video discusses an emini russell day trading chart and whether any renko base trade setups occur – and if not, can any of the price envelope reverses be trade? Additionally discussed is the russell etf and position trading it on a renko chart as part of an etf portfolio, using our stock and option trading strategies.

Renko Chart Trading During Price Consolidation

This video compares an emini russell renko trading chart with a tick chart for 2 directional swings that began with consolidation periods, especially looking at what each chart showed during consolidation, along with any trade setups for the transition out of consolidation.