Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development

Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development – 2 videos discussing testing for 3 system rules: (1) stop size for band extreme reverses (2) holding the band extreme reverse for a stop -vs- a renko swing resumption trade on the next brick (3) the brick size to use for the emini dow futures – I will be trading a renko 5 brick to compare to the 4 brick.

Renko Chart Day Trading System

5 videos discussing the initial rules and adjustments being tested for the renko chart day trading system. The primary strengths of the system are: (1) more winners than losers (2) average win size greater than loss size (3) biggest moves include addons that will increase trade size and profit size.

Emini Dow Day Trading – Renko Chart Market Replay Training

Market replay video that begins with the trade management and exit for an open YM short from the previous video. From there we continue to look at relevant trading prices that that affect new trade decisions, along with the next trade that was taken.

Renko Chart Trading And Expanding Trade Profit Size

In this video I am focusing on (1) renko chart trade and tick chart trade that occur together (2) setting the initial profit target – and especially using a momentum and renko brick continuation chart read when the target is approached, in order to expand the size of the actual profit.

Renko Chart And Tick Chart Combination Day Trading

This is a follow up-up to the previous renko chart and tick chart video discussion. In this video, I am going through charts from 2 different trading periods, in order to examine whether trading has been improved or confused by using both of the charts together.

Should You Day Trade Renko Charts And Tick Charts Together

Renko chart strategy training video discussing the question: Should you day trade a sync combination of renko charts and tick charts, or is this an unnecessary complication that detracts from renko trading.

Position Trading Using Renko Chart Trade Setups For Timing

Renko chart trade setups discussion for how they are used as timing when position trading: (1) trade entries with position direction (2) position profits (3) counter direction options trading. Note that the video all discusses some points about renko setups, regardless of position or day trading.