Renko Day Trading System Indicators And Trade Setups

This is a renko day trading system video that discusses the system indicators and adding them to the trading charts. Additionally discussed is a series of system trades from the 5 brick and 3 brick charts, and the related partial profit rules.

Renko Day Trading System Week One

2 videos discussing the end of the first week of trading the renko day trading system, with a focus on: (1) 1 video that shows the strengths of the trading system and the benefits of addon trading (2) 1 video that shows a period that would have been a trading loss, if not for one bigger swing that included an addon trade.

Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development

Renko Chart Day Trading System Continued Development – 2 videos discussing testing for 3 system rules: (1) stop size for band extreme reverses (2) holding the band extreme reverse for a stop -vs- a renko swing resumption trade on the next brick (3) the brick size to use for the emini dow futures – I will be trading a renko 5 brick to compare to the 4 brick.

Renko Chart Day Trading System

5 videos discussing the initial rules and adjustments being tested for the renko chart day trading system. The primary strengths of the system are: (1) more winners than losers (2) average win size greater than loss size (3) biggest moves include addons that will increase trade size and profit size.