Renko Chart Trading Method Consistency And Repetition

Renko charts trading patterns and setups consistently and clearly repeat, making them effective for usage in a trading method. And then by using a tick chart for confirmation of price location, momentum strength, and market conditions – the renko chart strategies profitability and winning percentage can be further increased.

Entering Renko Chart Trades Into Price Momentum Divergences

Price momentum divergences and a situation when momentum is not confirming a swing high or low are an important chart read to use for filtering a trade setup entry, since these divergences often lead to a swing reverse or transition into price consolidation.

Stock And Options Position Trading Combination Strategies

Position strategy reference video series – video1 begins with a stock buy of 100 shares and the timing for selling a call and buying a put, followed by the exit of the stock. Additionally discussed are position profit graphs, and an overview of upcoming videos.