Yelp Stock And Option Position Trading Update

In this yelp position trading video, I am going to do an update on the yelp trades done from 3-18 through 3-28. A couple of the key decision points in the video are: (1) why ratio call spreads were done in one case but not others (2) a renko trade that was counter momentum on the position chart and projecting the price of a price momentum divergence.

Yelp Stock And Options Position Trading Update After Earnings

Position trading strategy video that discusses yelp trades after their earnings, with a focus on: (1) starting a position with a short options trade instead of stock trading (2) completing a short options strangle instead of ratio short and why (3) stock position trade setup.

Renko Chart Setups And Timing For Yelp Position Trading

As discussed in the 1/10 facebook position update video, Yelp has been added to our stock and options position trading using the 60 minute and renko chart combination – I like the idea of trading a facebook, twitter, yelp portfolio. This video does a 1/13 to 1/14 Yelp trade update.

Yelp And Facebook Stock And Options Position Trading

This video continues the trading update from 1/10, specifically discussing differences in day trading and position trading, and how a base trade setup may be used when it’s against the position trading chart. Additionally, I am discussing Yelp trades and adding Yelp to my stock position trading portfolio.

Tactical Trading Method Stock Option Strategies

The Tactical Trading method strategies for combining directional stock and counter option trades, leads to stock options positions that have increased potential for profit with lowered risk.

Trading Strategies For Stock And Options Combination Trades

By trading a method made up of a combination of stock and option trading strategies, the risk reward and overall profitability can be increased for the stock trades, as well as for short options trades.

Facebook Stock Options Trading Strategies 11-7 To 11-11

Facebook stock and options trading strategy video for 11-7 to 11-11 that focuses on 3 price moves: (1) retrace to shift line resistance (2) reject resumption from resistance back down to support (3) support failure breakout continuation setup.