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Emini Dow Day Trading Renko Chart And Tick Chart Replay

Market replay video discussion for the trade setups and management of an emini dow day trading period, using renko charts and tick charts – especially focusing on trade initial risk, trade hold on retrace, and trade setup momentum.

Yelp Stock And Options Renko Chart Position Trading

When we discussed the labelled renko chart and the different stock and options position trading scenarios that could be made, we were looking at a renko chart for yelp. This video now goes through those same marked areas, along with the yelp position chart, and discusses the actual trades that were done.

SPY ETF Position Trading With Option Spreads

SPY ETF position trading video focusing on: (1) reasons we haven’t done much with ETF trading recently (2) options trading in low volatility (3) put options after a SPY position chart momentum extreme (4) put options spreads timing.

Emini Dow Day Trading – Renko Chart Market Replay Training

Market replay video that begins with the trade management and exit for an open YM short from the previous video. From there we continue to look at relevant trading prices that that affect new trade decisions, along with the next trade that was taken.

Renko Chart Scenarios For Stock And Options Position Trading

In this position trading strategy video, I am going to use a renko chart to discuss trading scenarios at 7 different locations based on the following: (1) what direction is the position trading (2) are you a stock and options trader or an options seller that does protection trades (3) are your options sells based on completing strangles or ratio spreads.

Renko Chart And Tick Chart Trading Market Replay Training

Market replay training video that discusses multiple trade setups and trade management, showing the chart sync between the tick chart, brick1 chart, and brick2 chart. This is a really good benefit of the way the NinjaTrader replay works – all of your charts for the same underlying will move together while being replayed.

NinjaTrader Market Data Recording And Replay

This video will how to setup and use the NinjaTrader market data recording and replay program. This tool will allow you to record and watch your own real time data, or download data from the NinjaTrader servers to use instead, if you don’t have data. And you can all use this with a free NT SIM license – so TradeStation users, let me know if you also want NT indicators.

Short Options Selling Timing And Protection Trading

Short options position trading video discussing trade protection when there is a swing resumption against the options sell. Additionally discussed is a yelp position update that includes multiple short option sells and protection trades.

Renko Chart Day Trading With Price Action Prices

This video was actually going to be a trading strategy reference video to answer a trader’s question about a renko trade setup. But instead I started while I was trading, because I was using a price action price that was related to the question – the video then goes back to discuss where the price came from and why it was relevant for an extended trading period.

Starting A Position Trade With A Short Option Sell

Position trading strategy video that discusses starting the position with a short option sell instead of a stock trade. The video goes on to compare short option timing with selling a strangle at the same time, along with comparing a short strangle to a ratio short spread.