Emini Russell Futures Day Trading Charts And Management

This is the emini russell day trading management follow-up video. We are going to continue the trading period discussion for trade setups, initial risk, and profit targets, using our renko chart and tick chart trading combination.

Emini Russell Futures Day Trading Management

This is an emini russell day trading video that discusses trade setup selection, but has a primary focus on trade management for initial risk and profit targets – both for trading method trading, and for additional considerations using the renko charts.

Emini Russell Day Trading And Chart Reading For Price

This is another emini russell day trading video, discussing the importance of using a combination of renko charts and tick chart. I especially like the chart period discussed, because it gave an opportunity to discuss chart reading for price and price action in our trading method – along with using chart price for filling the renko trade setups for any underlying.

Emini Russell Day Trading With Renko Charts And Tick Charts

Emini russell day trading video discussing how chart reading and trade setup clarity can be improved by trading with multiple chart types, specifically a renko chart and tick chart combination. As pointed out in the video, our objective with renko charts is not to replace the tick or time frame charts, but use them together, whatever the underlying.