Facebook Stock And Options Position Trading 1-17 To 1-27

Facebook stock and options position update for trading from 1-17 to 1-27, which was an especially important period of time since Facebook earnings was 1-29. The option trades are a good example of our strategies for trading into and completing ratio option short positions.

Facebook Position Trading And Renko Chart Considerations

This facebook trading video will discuss the position trades done from the 12/27 expiration and 1/8, especially note how an options synthetic protection trade becomes a participation trade. Also discussed are renko chart considerations for real time hours or extended hours, along with comparing the TradeStation and NinjaTrader charts.

Facebook Short Stock Option Position Adjustment And Reverse

This video covers a trading period where Facebook was addon short, but then taken neutral by trading out of a long puts and short calls in 2 options spreads and leaving a synthetic long. This more neutral hedged position was then reversed by going long the stock.