Emini Dow Day Trading – Renko Chart Market Replay Training

Market replay video that begins with the trade management and exit for an open YM short from the previous video. From there we continue to look at relevant trading prices that that affect new trade decisions, along with the next trade that was taken.

Renko Chart And Tick Chart Trading Market Replay Training

Market replay training video that discusses multiple trade setups and trade management, showing the chart sync between the tick chart, brick1 chart, and brick2 chart. This is a really good benefit of the way the NinjaTrader replay works – all of your charts for the same underlying will move together while being replayed.

Renko Chart Day Trading With Price Action Prices

This video was actually going to be a trading strategy reference video to answer a trader’s question about a renko trade setup. But instead I started while I was trading, because I was using a price action price that was related to the question – the video then goes back to discuss where the price came from and why it was relevant for an extended trading period.

Renko Trading Chart Day Trade Review Training Video

Renko chart day trading training video showing a sell swing at the end of the ETH period that transitions into consolidation for open trading. We will discuss open trading and the consolidation period, talking about trading inside and past consolidation, along with trade management for initial risk and profit targets.

Renko Chart Trade Setup Brick Entry Patterns

Renko chart trading period replay that focuses on: (1) seeing trade setup components real time and when they can be seen (2) trade setup and trade management (3) renko brick entry patterns, including 4 brick patterns and what I will refer to as a double hold-triple break.

Renko Chart Day Trading Review Training Video2

Renko chart trading recording video that begins with the exit of the emini dow buy from the previous video. Note the focus on seeing trade setup components for a sell at the time of the buy exit, and then watching for what else is needed for an actual trade – an important exercise for seeing setups and real time preparation.

Renko Chart Day Trading Review Training Video

This is an emini dow renko chart training video, where I used a market recording for a day trading swing to discuss my trades, management, and related decisions for the trades – what I would think of as modified real time, since I can speed up and pause the video at different points.