Renko Trading Charts And Directional Price Movement

Renko price charts replace the price bars that are time based or volume based like a tick bar, with price bricks of a predetermined size. This chart type removes the chart noise from smaller insignificant moves, which would be very useful our directional trading strategies and trend following position trading.

Tactical Trading Method Stock Option Strategies

The Tactical Trading method strategies for combining directional stock and counter option trades, leads to stock options positions that have increased potential for profit with lowered risk.

Trading Strategies For Stock And Options Combination Trades

By trading a method made up of a combination of stock and option trading strategies, the risk reward and overall profitability can be increased for the stock trades, as well as for short options trades.

Facebook Stock Options Trading Strategies 11-7 To 11-11

Facebook stock and options trading strategy video for 11-7 to 11-11 that focuses on 3 price moves: (1) retrace to shift line resistance (2) reject resumption from resistance back down to support (3) support failure breakout continuation setup.