Continued Trade Protection For Facebook Short In The Money Calls

This facebook trading video continues to discuss the short in the money calls and the scenarios for protecting their risk as the stock continued to move to new highs. Additionally, discussed is a momentum extreme crown pattern, where a short call long put combination trade was done, followed by a position reverse from long to short.

The Trading Risk From Short Option Selling Only

This video continues to discuss the risks from short option selling only, why I can’t view this as a viable trading method. Yes, we use short options strategies all the time, but only because they are combined with directional price continuation trades for protecting them.

Facebook In The Money Short Call Option Protection

This trading video continues to discuss the recent facebook short calls that have now gone even deeper in the money and the trades done to keep them from being a loss. Additionally discussed is a new short call with a 12/27 expiration and the scenario for protecting it, along with the decision made on the 12/20 expiration when long stock was going to be called away.