Renko Chart Scenarios For Stock And Options Position Trading

In this position trading strategy video, I am going to use a renko chart to discuss trading scenarios at 7 different locations based on the following: (1) what direction is the position trading (2) are you a stock and options trader or an options seller that does protection trades (3) are your options sells based on completing strangles or ratio spreads.

Emini Dow Renko Chart Day Trading Review 2-5

Renko chart trade setup and trade review for emini dow day trades early 2-5. Of special note is that the trading period is during a sideways range that made the renko chart very difficult to read and manage for trade setups and related trades – the 180 tick chart was very needed during this period.

Renko Chart Trading And Management For Emini Dow Futures

This is a renko chart trading video, for emini dow futures day trades from early morning 2-3 – note the viability of trading the emini dow at this time of day. I am going to discuss screen prints that I made each time I took a trade or made a trade management decision.

Price Action Price Trading And Identification

Price action prices are chart price areas that are important for trading, because they have tested and rejected as support and/or resistance multiple times. This video will discuss 2 price action prices that were used to avoid losing trades, as a price failure entry for a winning trade, and as a partial profit target.

Renko Trading Strategies And Chart Combinations

Renko trading strategies video that primarily focuses on: (1) how the renko trade setups are traded more profitably, when they are synched with a price bar chart (2) how the renko-bar chart strategies have been integrated into our method, by discussing the specific charts shown in the context of day trading – and as if they were used for stocks and options position trading.