Yelp Stock And Option Position Trading Update

In this yelp position trading video, I am going to do an update on the yelp trades done from 3-18 through 3-28. A couple of the key decision points in the video are: (1) why ratio call spreads were done in one case but not others (2) a renko trade that was counter momentum on the position chart and projecting the price of a price momentum divergence.

Yelp Stock And Options Position Trading Update After Earnings

Position trading strategy video that discusses yelp trades after their earnings, with a focus on: (1) starting a position with a short options trade instead of stock trading (2) completing a short options strangle instead of ratio short and why (3) stock position trade setup.

Position Trading Using Renko Chart Trade Setups For Timing

Renko chart trade setups discussion for how they are used as timing when position trading: (1) trade entries with position direction (2) position profits (3) counter direction options trading. Note that the video all discusses some points about renko setups, regardless of position or day trading.

Facebook Stock And Options Position Trading 1-17 To 1-27

Facebook stock and options position update for trading from 1-17 to 1-27, which was an especially important period of time since Facebook earnings was 1-29. The option trades are a good example of our strategies for trading into and completing ratio option short positions.

Renko Chart Setups And Timing For Yelp Position Trading

As discussed in the 1/10 facebook position update video, Yelp has been added to our stock and options position trading using the 60 minute and renko chart combination – I like the idea of trading a facebook, twitter, yelp portfolio. This video does a 1/13 to 1/14 Yelp trade update.

Yelp And Facebook Stock And Options Position Trading

This video continues the trading update from 1/10, specifically discussing differences in day trading and position trading, and how a base trade setup may be used when it’s against the position trading chart. Additionally, I am discussing Yelp trades and adding Yelp to my stock position trading portfolio.

Facebook Position Trading And Renko Chart Considerations

This facebook trading video will discuss the position trades done from the 12/27 expiration and 1/8, especially note how an options synthetic protection trade becomes a participation trade. Also discussed are renko chart considerations for real time hours or extended hours, along with comparing the TradeStation and NinjaTrader charts.

Continued Trade Protection For Facebook Short In The Money Calls

This facebook trading video continues to discuss the short in the money calls and the scenarios for protecting their risk as the stock continued to move to new highs. Additionally, discussed is a momentum extreme crown pattern, where a short call long put combination trade was done, followed by a position reverse from long to short.

Facebook In The Money Short Call Option Protection

This trading video continues to discuss the recent facebook short calls that have now gone even deeper in the money and the trades done to keep them from being a loss. Additionally discussed is a new short call with a 12/27 expiration and the scenario for protecting it, along with the decision made on the 12/20 expiration when long stock was going to be called away.

Facebook Chart Continuation And Reversal Trading Patterns

This facebook trading video discusses questions from 2 previous videos: (1) What is you options trade scenario – from a trading position adjustments video (2) Is the blue dot a confirmed support reject setup – asked from a price reject continuation trading video.